SoundGen is now SoundDevX!

We have decided torebrand this tool as SoundDevX! (A play on the words SoundFX)
After searching around for the name SoundGen, another tool (quite different from this one) would come up in the search results. So we decided to give this tool a more unique name, in an effort to make it more recognizeable.

Additionally we added a small splashscreen with a simple sound effect that was actually made in the software itself.
We also added the auto-play feature for when the user selects a preset sound, so it can be previewed right away without having to click the play button.
The UI was also slightly changed and re-organized.


SoundDevX - Sound FX Generator Play in browser
Jul 01, 2022
SDX - Win32 97 MB
Jul 01, 2022
SDX - Win64 104 MB
Jul 01, 2022
SDX - MacOS 1 MB
Jul 01, 2022
SDX - Mac64 (Alt) 116 MB
Jul 01, 2022
SDX - Linux32 126 MB
Jul 01, 2022
SDX - Linux64 119 MB
Jul 01, 2022

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